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Your identity and your videos

December 5th, 2007 · No Comments

You’ll have to forgive me if today’s post is a bit on the short side. We’ve got our Online Directors in for a conference this week and I’ve been focusing on analyzing the impact of social network content distribution and developing content plans for some other products. But with the time I have, I thought I would continue the focus on video content.

Previously, I’ve written about using YouTube and the site Hey!Spread to further the reach of your video content and grow your online audience. I think a video distribution plan needs to be a key part of any audience development plan. It is important to keep in mind that as your video reaches more video-sharing sites, it has a greater chance to lose the identification that comes from being associated with your site specific profile. What I mean, is that a video on YouTube appears on your profile page, along with your newspaper.com address and other information about your site. But when it appears in a widget or gets pulled onto another page, it no longer has that visible association with your profile.

One solution to this problem is to not post your video to video-sharing sites. The other, more realistic solution, is to make sure that your video is branded.

How many times have you watched a video on CNN or MSNBC and not seen any branding — no logos, no titles, nothing that tells you it’s from CNN? The answer is likely never. Similar to CNN, you should make sure that your video includes a title page that provides that name of the video, date, and possibly even the names of the photographer or reporter. During the video, consider using a logo or watermark, you know, like the peacock NBC uses in the lower right hand corner. And when the video ends, include a web address where the viewer can go to find more information or see other videos.

If you want, you can standardize this material so that your not remaking it every time. The title screen could simply say something along the lines of “A presentation of Newspaper.com.”

I encourage you to discuss and address this issue in your newsrooms, and if you’re not already branding your videos, start doing so.

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